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Speaking Opportunities


Back to Basics Leasing

This is a fantastic session for a large crowd, whether they are new to multifamily, or need a few refreshers on the basics. Your group will leave with tangible takeaways for every staff member in attendance, along with great up-to-date information surrounding the state of the market, leasing practices and conversion strategies. 

Marketing & Leasing Trends

Dig into current market trends and headlines within the multifamily industry with key takeaways surrounding prospect management tools, reporting and automation, and ways to level up to stay competitive. Your team will gain perspective on leveraging data to increase conversions.

Reputation Strategy icon
Reputation Strategy

A strong reputation keeps your occupancy high and turnover low, and strategic reputation management can make your marketing more effective and your community more competitive. Your team will leave with an understanding of how they can impact this important marketing strategy every day and leverage it to outperform their competitors. 

Occupancy Recovery

It's never just a lead generation issue! In this workshop, we'll take you and/or your team through the development of an internal process to guide underperforming assets to occupancy recovery.

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Working Genius is a personality assessment and productivity tool for teams. It distills any kind of work into six fundamental activities. With our Working Genius Productivity sessions, your team will complete an individual assessment. Whether your team is tackling new initiatives, transitioning members, evaluating new models, or seeking simpler ways to engage and thrive, Working Genius is the answer! Explore more here.

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